I have just been through a fairly miserable three weeks. I had a vicious virus, and had to work through most of it. It was hard not getting the healing time I really needed, and I spent three weeks literally rolling between my desk and my sick bed. (It does seem odd when you don’t even have time to be sick in peace!)
I found this frustrating. I had lots of things I wanted to achieve outside of work, and they were all put on hold. By the third weekend my frustration reached boiling point. It was three weekends on the trot I did nothing but sit on the sofa and watch TV. It highlighted how long the working week can be, and how fast the weekends can go.

So it made me question how I normally spend my weekends. What do I do? I usually have a plan to go somewhere or do something, and there might be one urgent task I ear-mark to complete, but that is usually about it. It was suddenly blindingly obvious to me that if I sat down and had goals for the weekend just like I do the working week I would feel so much more satisfied once my weekends were over!

Now, although I can clearly see the value of setting weekend goals, I don’t think they have to be the same as serious week-day goals. Maybe the weekends are good times to set some of the softer goals we tend to forget about in the social and R&R categories – phone your Mother, (or better still, take her out), contact that friend you haven’t spoken to in ages, read that book, go to that place you said you would, start that new hobby.

And yes, you can plan a half day to tackle one of those more serious project-style goals you may have been thinking about (sorting your paperwork, that kind of thing), but wrap some nice goals round it.

Taking your leisure days as seriously as you take your obviously productive days will help you get more out of life. So share, post your goal for this weekend in the comments below.