This week we look at hobbies as the final part of our review of rest and relaxation goals.

All people need and crave balance in theirs lives in terms of variety. You may be the least physical person on the planet, but you still need to do a physical task now and then to stay sane. Likewise you may be massively kinaesthetic, meaning you learn, explore and interact with your world physically. Doing something purely mental now and then will balance you out. It is not about being good or bad at these things, it is about the need for variety.

Also, the way most of us choose to relax is not that relaxing, in terms of being energising.

For example, it is a little known fact that watching TV is not very relaxing for you, and yet how do most people spend their evenings?

Internet browsing is actually quite tiring, because every headline, link etc. forces you to make a decision. (e.g. Do I click here, or stay reading this?). Making decisions is tiring. It drains the brain, so although it may seem fun, you are destroying your ability to focus on the things you want to and make decisions that will help you.

What is both relaxing and energising for you is a good old fashioned hobby. A passion that you can genuinely get into, that you can find different ways to pursue, and something you can pay attention to with focus for long stretches of time, without even noticing you are doing it.

For soothing the brain, buffering you against the day and putting you in a different state there is nothing like it. It also gives you a purpose and some meaning to life.

Many people have hobbies that really grip them, especially as children or in their youth, but they fall by the way. Thinking back to earlier times in your life and things you were interested in and dusting them off, even if only in a perfunctory way can be a vivid experience.

And if you are thinking all your hobbies as children were very, well childish. Who cares? There are armies of very serious adult Lego builders (some of them are professional), forum after forum for fans of retro cartoons, and anyone can mess round at the science museum for a fun day out.

Look at your life now. Is there anything you do you would class as a hobby (not work)? If not, is there anything you used to do which you enjoyed, but fell by the wayside? Is there anything you are drawn to now?

You name it, you can find a way to make a hobby of it, and who knows where that hobby will lead. There is usually a social side to hobbies that really helps people feel a deeper sense of connection to the world. And hobbies are fun.

If you do have a hobby it is sometimes good to set goals around that hobby. How far can you take it? How can you improve on it? What creative project can you do around it? How can you help take it to other people? Pushing it means more time and focus on it, which means more benefits to you.

Tell me about your hobbies below, and have fun!