I hope you are enjoying my main series on How to Manage Stress at Work.

If you are following my series you will be starting to hone in on your main reason for stress and looking at some longer-term solutions for that. In the meantime, however, you may need a period of research, reflection and preparation before you can make a big change, so you need to find ways to cope every day.

This article gives you 6 ways to do that.

1.Focus on the Outcomes. However miserable your current job is, there are some benefits to it. There are. You get up, you go, you deal with it, there must be an upside to doing that, and that upside is the reason you go on, so what is it? List all the benefits there are from your job as it is right now.
Money to pay for….
Training in….
Something for your CV for the future…..

Every time you feel miserable remind yourself why you are there. Your bigger picture reason. I am going in today to get….

2. Personal goals. If you feel work serves no purpose for you, make a project you can realistically and easily fit into work, so that you feel you are getting something out of your day. Struggling to get fit? Pedometer and stairs. Struggling to fit in your adult admin? Take phone numbers and bills and make calls at lunch break. Too busy for lunch? Take 5 to do just one call. Any opportunities to do volunteer work through work? Take them. Don’t make it overly onerous or ambitious, just something you can take 5 minutes to yourself for, and feel like the day was a win for you, not just your boss.

3. Focus on your likes. What do you like? There is something, however little you like about your work. That one person who is really nice and always smiles at you. The coffee they serve. The food in the canteen. The pond by the door. Whatever you like, make a conscious effort to seek out more of that, and get as much of it into your day as you can. Whatever makes you smile, get more of it. If you have a moment when you are really struggling, go straight to seek out the happy thing as soon as you can. Never noticed anything you like? Start looking – that’s your project today.

4. Live in the moment. This one is tough, but last week, there were too many meetings and events in my diary and I was just dreading work. I thought it was going to be awful. Well guess what? I was completely wrong! I ended up having a pretty good week, the only thing wrong was my bad feelings anticipating it. Take each day on its own terms.

5. You time. This is the most important one of all. You NEED a life outside work, and something to look forward to, that isn’t work-related. Part of the reason my week last week was so good? I booked in some social events, and met up with a couple of friends. I didn’t feel like I had the time or energy for it, but it was the best part of my week. I didn’t worry about work when I was with them, it changed the pace of my week, and it didn’t make me tireder, which had been a concern – it really energised and enthused me.

6. Productivity. Finally, just generally drowning at work or home, and feel like never get anywhere with anything? Check out my article on the Magic Bullet.

What can you do today to help your work go a little better? What do you struggle most with? Let me know below, I’d love to hear from you.