There is a theory that your success is only ever going to be as big as your weakest skill will allow. In only words, we all have an in-built limiting factor, something within our elves that will hold us back from the success we want to achieve.

This theory is true – your success is capped off by your weakest skill – improve this, and you unlock the keys to the kingdom.

Huh? Give me an example Veronica?

OK, here’s a simple one – I know a lovely lady who took three years out of her adult life, got a loan and spent the money to re-train in her dream career as a midwife. She was passionate, enthusiastic and passed her degree with flying colours, so I imagine she was pretty good at it.

Unfortunately, she had some problems presenting herself at interview, never got a job as a midwife (in a country with about 3,500 positions available a year), and five years after all that work was doing basic jobs that were not her passion.

She had one weak skill, that let her down badly – the inability to interview well.

That is an extreme example, but we all have it. If you were just that little bit better at dealing with confrontation or negotiation, better at office politics, better with spreadsheets, you could……..?

What is your limiting factor? Identify it, and eliminate it. Many people have successfully taken something they thought they were awful at, and completely flipped it, to make it their strongest skill.

I know one guy who tried stand-up comedy to overcome his fear of crowds. It was an awful experience for him, but after that giving a basic presentation, or some training to staff members was a breeze. Sometimes there is value in taking it to the extreme and pushing yourself.

However you do it think how powerful it would be for you over the course of your life if every year you took your weakest skill and really made it something of excellence for yourself. If you did that over and over what could you accomplish? And what could you become?

Let me know, leave a comment below.

Till next time!