Last week I talked about the sheer power of constantly working on developing your weaknesses into your strengths, and what that could unlock for you.

This week I want to take that to the next step – the add-on skill.

So last week was about things that are in your existing skill-set or job requirements. This week is about identifying that one extra skill you have not thought of, that will push you over the top of success.

Some people have excelled in their careers by coming up with relatively unusual combinations of professional disciplines that make them more valuable – the Project Manager, who is also a Chartered Accountant, the Surgeon who is also a qualified Radiologist.

This is not a bad way to go. It can take a lot of time, effort and expense to get two qualifications, but the result is putting yourself in a Venn diagram of a limited number of people who have very specialist combinations of skills.

They skills have to be useful compliments though! There probably is a specialist role in the world for the professional football gardener, but I am struggling to see it – perhaps that is a limit of my imagination.

There is also the magic add-on skill to any professional skill set or discipline that just unlocks more opportunities.

Maybe you are a self-employed person who would really be able to expand their income if you developed your own skills in marketing, or found out how to pitch in new ways.

Perhaps you are an author who could massively boost sales if you found out how to run your own website, or produce YouTube videos.

If you are not sure what your magic add-on skill could be, then just model the most successful in your field. What do they do differently to you? What skills do they have?

It can be intimidating looking at the very best in our field. We can look at people and think yeah, but I cannot replicate what they did because……insert reason why your situation is totally different.

This is false. If they are a human being, they do the same thing you do, and they built their own success from scratch, then they did something you can too. Maybe the skill is in being able to identify and hire a great publicist rather than learning how to do publicity, BUT IT IS STILL A SKILL.
How often have you hired someone to do something for you and been disappointed by the results?

So, to really boost your success identify the one add-on you have not thought of that will really make a difference, Combine that with last weeks article about continual skills development in your weakest areas, and you have a vicious one-two knockout punch that will see results.

Leave a comment below, and tell me what your limiting factor is.

Till next time!