Well I never thought we’d be doing an Inspiring Stories piece about Kate Moss, but with caution, here we are.

Kate is a beautiful supermodel who has had a long and lucrative career since being discovered in an airport in 1988. Arguably the most well known of her modelling peers of that era, she is notable for having a face considered beautiful and iconic enough to overcome the fashion worlds height rules – at 5’7 she is famously very short for a catwalk model.

Despite all this, she has had a chequered personal history. You cannot believe all that you read, but various stories of drugs, chain-smoking, dubious associations and out-of-control behaviour have dogged her, and certainly impacted her career when she lost contracts over Cocaine usage.

We are not here to gush over her looks, her career, her show-biz lifestyle or her fortune, or even to tut at some of her behaviour. We are here because Kate has apparently started working with a life coach, who is helping her to make some very positive life changes.

She has just ended what appears to have been a pretty toxic relationship. She could have done what many people do after a break-up and gone off the rails, but, with the help of her coach, she really seems to have taken this as an opportunity to raise her game.

She turned up at this year’s Cannes Film Festival looking stunning – see the picture of her on the red carpet – and ready to work. She got lots of sleep in advance, skipped all the after-parties, cut right down on the drink, and is trying to quit smoking. She worked her network, talking to clients. More importantly she is focusing on being a Mother to her 13-year-old Lila Grace, and she apparently is keen to renew contact and build bridges with her ex-husband, Lila’s father.

Why is this an inspiring story? Well for this week only, I think she qualifies. She’s got a huge personal fortune (somewhere around £50 million or $70 million), she’s 42 – an age by which many models have quit and frankly she can do what she likes. If she is trying to work on herself, getting the help to do that through coaching, and making serious efforts, I think the rest of us should applaud. I wish her luck with her goals, and hope it pays off for her.