Sometimes even coaches don’t get it right. Like everyone else we know what we should do, but we just…..don’t. So learn from my mistakes, and don’t give up your own good habits.

This year has been mixed for me – some really, really good, exciting things have happened, but also as happens sometimes in life some bad things too.

Now as a coach I know some important things:

  1. Success and satisfaction in the longer-term comes from the formation of good habits.
  2. An attitude of gratitude increases happiness exponentially.
  3. Success breeds success.

With the New Year fast hoving into view, I have of course started thinking about my goals for next year, and reflecting on the year just gone.

I do this every year – it is a really good habit to keep yourself on course, and also just to focus on the good and the positive – all of which helps with the above. This time last year, however, I found the exercise a LOT easier, because I got myself into a good habit which really supported that. The habit was that every week, (and quite often every day too!) I would reflect and choose a “Big Achievement” of the Week. And then write it down, so I had a record.

This was really fun to do. It meant that every week I had to think of all the good things that had happened, and choose the best. It often turned into a real dilemma (in the most positive way possible!) to choose. I would often have several candidates and nothing lifts the spirits more than having to choose between one great thing that happened and say was it better or worse than another great thing that happened.

Image that over a year!!! I had 52 great things, all of which were solid, positive achievements across many different areas of my life to pick between, and in flicking back I got to remind myself of all the nearly-rans as well. That is a lot of positivity!

Now this year I can still do it, but remembering things that happened in January or February is a lot harder when they are not written down. And I am probably only picking out the really big things rather than some of the smaller, but still important things that make up a full and complete life.

So I broke my own rules – I forgot to keep up a good habit that really helped me. Guess what my first goal for the New Year is? No matter what 2017 brings, some of it will be good. Writing that down every week and then being able to easily remember and reflect on it at the end will be even better. I can’t wait!

Let me know what you think. What good habits have you got out of? What do you need to get back to that helps you? And what is your number 1 goal for 2017? Please leave a comment below.

Till next time! Veronica x