Are you struggling to get started with goal setting? Do you know you want to improve an area of your life by setting goals, but not sure where to start? This week we look at health and fitness.

A long-standing feature of the New Year’s Resolution, many people consistently set and fail to follow through on goals in this area.

Some questions to consider:

  • Health conditions – do you have any, are you at risk of any, have you been tested for any? Are you good with medication, physio or other actions you need to take. Have you been checked out?
  • Feelings – how do you feel about your health and your body? Do you have energy? Do you see yourself as fit, unfit, over-weight, a nice shape? What are your hang-ups? Do you need to explore your own feelings about your body and the things it will and won’t do for you.
  • Weight – a biggie for many. Are you happy with it? Are you over/under, or don’t know or care? Do you want to lose or gain weight? Do you know how?
  • Energy – do you have enough? Could you use more? Are you permanently tired, under the weather?
  • Food – is it good? Never mind weight for this one – just is it nutritious, do you enjoy your food? Do you eat junk? Do you like it? Is it serving you and giving you what you need? Do you see food as an inconvenience? Do you have hang-ups like eating in public, or being picky? Do you work with any allergies or intolerances you know you have? Have you ever been tested for allergies? Do you know what is good for you and what isn’t? Do you eat at the right times? Do you snack? Do you eat the right amount?
  • Fitness – do you feel fit? Do you take exercise? Do you feel you “should” take more? Why “should” you? What would you do if you did? What do you enjoy? What did you enjoy previously? What would you like to do again?
  • Breathing – are you even aware of it? Do you try any breathing practices? What kind of air quality are you usually exposed to? How much fresh air do you get?
  • Sleep – do you get enough sleep? Do you sleep too much? Do you wake rested, refreshed and alert? Is your sleep of good quality, or constantly interrupted? Do you have any ideas on how to improve it?
  • Immunity – is yours good? Or bad? Do you always have a cold? Can you boost your immunity? Do you know how? Do you need to?
  • Vitamins – Do you have any known deficiencies? Do you take supplements, or vary food to get what you need? Do you know what you need?
  • Body image – do you feel you look attractive? Do you feel unattractive? Do you care?
  • Hydration – do you get enough fluids? Are they the right kind? How do you feel about caffeine and alcohol?
  • Bad habits – do you have any? What good habits would you like to form instead?
  • Aches/pains/niggles – are you stiff? Do you have a long-standing injury? Bad neck, back, shoulders? Ropey knees? Have you done anything about any of it? Do you stretch regularly? Do you change positions often enough during the day?

And that’s it – anything leap out at you? Any areas you think I missed? What’s your top health and fitness concern? Let me know and leave a comment below.

Till the next time!

Veronica x