Are you struggling to get started with goal setting? Do you know you want to improve on an area of your life by setting some goals, but you’re just not sure where to start?

This week we look at spirituality.

For people who have a defined religion, goals in this area are straightforward.

They tend to be around being more observant of rules and precepts, learning and engaging more with religious texts, practises or organisations, or exploring more fully and deeply what their faith means to them. This may include going on a retreat or pilgrimage, taking a course or joining a group.

For people without a defined religion there may still be a yearning to set some goals in this area.

These might be goals about exploring and deciding to commit to a religion you have been interested in for a while, but might just be about trying to connect to or answer bigger questions like what is the purpose of life? What do I really believe about why I am here? Or thinking about questions around legacy and death.

In a hectic world any time spent in a more contemplative state has value.

What are your spiritual goals? Lave a comment below, and let me know.