Are you struggling to get started with goal setting? Do you know you want to improve on an area of your life by setting goals, but you’re not sure where to start? This new series is for you.

In each life area that people like to set goals, (health, finances etc.), although the individual goals may be very unique and personal, there are a lot of common themes about the kinds of goals people set. So, this mini-series looks at some typical themes within common goal areas, based on real-life experiences of many goal-setters to give you some inspiration, and to help you think about things in a new way.

The individual goals you set – that is entirely up to you! This is some examples and thoughts to help you take your goal setting to a new level.

The big goal areas we are going to look at are: finance, health, habitat, romance, family, social life, rest and relaxation, spirituality, career, giving, personal development and creativity.

If a particular life area does not interest you, or you are already pretty happy with it, just move on to an area that interests you more – I guarantee at least one will.

By the way micro-goals are also good. If you want to set a teeny-tiny goal in a given area, do it! Goals do not have to be radical or huge to be meaningful: tiny changes can improve a life in ways utterly disproportionate to their size.

So, join me next week, when we get started on personal finance.

What life area are you most excited to learn more about? Let me know in the comments below.

Till next time!