Are you struggling to get started with goal setting? Do you want to improve  an area of your life by setting goals, but you’re not sure where to start? This week we look at habitat.

Everyone lives somewhere, and most people have strong feelings about where they live. Here are some questions you should ask yourself about your habitat and see if you can identify areas for improvement.

Start with the basics.

  • Are you happy with the habitat you have? Is it the right size and style of property for you? Is it too big, too small? Do you love or hate the style? Is it too hot, cold, airless? Bright and breezy?
  • How about the ownership? Do you own it? Rent it? Are you happy with that? Do you have other options?
  • Are you happy with who you share it with? Do you have a choice?
  • Features – does it have the garden, parking or privacy, you need? Is there anything missing?
  • Location – always the key with property. I know a couple of people who have had their dream property, (usually a farm, castle or something else with specialist features), but because of the location they have ended up with daily commutes of 100 or 150 miles. Or worse, not their dream, but literally all they could afford in their budget, and they still end up with killer commutes.
  • Are you near the places you need to get to? Work? Family? Day Care? School? Clubs? Shops? Do you have to choose the property you love over any of these, or is the inconvenience taking the edge off?
  • Cost – is your habitat affordable? Is it too much, is it too cheap? Could you do better? Do you see it as an investment? Do you want to reduce your mortgage or rent? Are you taking advantage of someone else?
  • Decor – do you like it? Does it need a touch-up or a radical over-haul? Are you fighting with other people over style and colour choice?
  • Cleanliness – many people struggle with this. I know several people who have either got a cleaner (none of them regretted it), or learned some cleaning skills, (made them feel more independent), or shared the chores out (made them feel like less of a martyr). In one case they radically down-sized and got rid of a bunch of stuff just to make the house more manageable. It worked for them.
  • Intangibles – do you love your home? Like it? Tolerate it? Does it feel like a home at all? How do you feel when you see it, or walk in the door? What would make it mean more to you?
  • Finishing touches / home pride. Do you have any? One couple very successfully cemented their newly-wed status, by getting some finishing touches based on their shared experience of getting married and going on honeymoon. They both said they felt so much more connected to both the house and each other as a result.

And that’s it – anything leap out at you? Is your home OMG or Meh? What could ignite your passion for it? Let me know – leave a comment below.

Till next time!