Are you struggling to get started with goal setting? Want to improve an area of your life by setting goals, but not sure where to start? This week we look at creativity.

Having covered solidly universal topics like finance and health over the last two weeks you may be looking slightly askance at this one.

Veronica, I get that everyone has a body and that everyone uses money, but not everyone is creative. What’s this one about?

Actually all people, whether they label themselves as creative or not have a basic need for a creative outlet in their lives. If their creativity is stifled they will feel less themselves than they should.

And some people are massively creatively driven – they have very high personal values of creativity and originality and for those people it is essential to who they are that they can put some creativity in their lives. BUT, how we think about creativity and what we think it means can vary wildly.

Let me give you an example. I was raised in a house where handicrafts were very highly valued, so crafts are something I know a lot about. When asked in my twenties about creativity I was quite sniffy about just knitting a jumper as a creative outlet, because to me knitting a jumper from a pattern was not at all creative, it was following a given formula. Only if you designed the jumper would it count.

I can see my younger selves point, but now that I am older and wiser I do think the simple act of creation – bringing something into being that was not there before – is just as valid a form of creativity, and satisfying, as design. Creativity is not just one thing.

So for you, when were you last creative? Do you ever make anything, either physical or intangible? Do you design anything, or improve anything? Do you listen to people and put a different spin on what they say? Do you think of new ways to do things, or even just do new things in your day?

What does creativity mean to you, and what do you need more of in your life to feel creative? What did you give up doing that satisfied you in this area?

And by the way, if you straight up just want to set a goal to write that book, that counts too. But what I am encouraging you to do here is, well, to be creative with the concept of creativity. If you don’t feel you are creative you almost certain are, you just might be limited in your beliefs about what creativity it. What would it mean to you to change those beliefs?

Let me know what creativity means to you, and what you need to put more of in your life to feel creative. Let me know, leave a comment below.

Till next time!